If Nature

Will forests, like this one on San Juan Island...Image via Wikipedia
If nature has its way with us,

and usually it does....

Then should we try to find out why,

or accept it just because?


We see the forests and the streams,

we feel the hurricanes...

We help our friends to fix their homes,

their lives, their aches and pains.


We see the deserts and the lakes,

the plains and mountains, too....

The chipmunks and the grizzly bears,

and monkeys at the zoo.


If nature wasn't here today

then what would take its place?

If animals and trees were gone

then what would fill the space?


So, when you feel a bit depressed,

just take a look around....

I'm sure that you will be impressed,

with nature's sight and sound!

  by Mike Pearson USA 2006
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